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ARE you part of
city with dwellings?

The short answer is, NO. 
But here's the longer explanation... 


We get it. 

We know it’s confusing. 

With names so similar, The Dwelling and City with Dwellings MUST be connected, right? 


Well, no. 

But also, kinda. 


So how are we connected then? 

Let us explain. 

CwD began as an ecumenical effort in 2013, led by Moravian Pastor Russ May. CwD started by providing shelter to our neighbors experiencing homelessness through the Winter Overflow Shelters. As this outreach grew, so did CwD. In addition to the Winter Shelter programs, it expanded to offer programming through the Community First Center, where neighbors are assisted with accessing available services (housing, mental health, addiction, etc.). What was not included in the offering of CwD was the spiritual care of the community. Thus the need was identified and The Dwelling was born.  As The Dwelling came to life through the ELCA and the Moravian Church, it exists apart from CwD as a separate partner called to care for our community living on the margins.


So, while The Dwelling and CwD share the same heart and the same population, they exist as two separate entities.

CwD is the social service component.

The Dwelling ministers to the soul. 


To add an extra level of confusion, CwD and The Dwelling operate (along with a bunch of other partners) out of the same building.


But bottom line, CwD is the helping social service arm for our community and The Dwelling is the direct service spiritual arm; different parts connected to a shared mission: loving our Neighbors.

So why are our names so similar?

Yes, The Dwelling might be confused at times with City with Dwellings but as hard as we worked at trying to find another name for our church, the Spirit kept leading us back to “The Dwelling.” 


Why? Because that is what happens here. 

This is most certainly where God and God’s people meet. 

This is the place where the Spirit dwells. 

This is the Dwelling place. 


Nothing else fit or explained more fully what happens when God’s people gather in this place. So we wade through the awkwardness of the confusion, trusting that we chose our name with only the best of intentions to love our community. 


Still have questions? 

Shoot Pastor Emily and email at 


Want to learn more about the incredible work of CwD visit their website at

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