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Streets Stories from the Dwelling is an answered prayer funded by Wake Divinity School and Gilead Compass. Everyone has a story to tell, testimonies that may help someone else look up and live another day, but it takes vulnerability and support to really put ourselves out there. Street Stories from the Dwelling is the holistic approach to publishing. The program produces powerful storytellers and empowers authors to grow emotionally and economically. 


This program cares for the author by offering community and emotional support throughout the publishing process. When a person tells their story or past over and over, they relive the traumatic experiences each time. However, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and the New Stories somatic healing methods also known as “tapping” sessions are incorporated into the program. Facilitated by a certified EFT practitioner, people are able to get to the root of the trauma to see themselves as victors and not victims. Changing the stories we tell ourselves about our past changes EVERYTHING. When participants in the program fully engage the tapping sessions, it can drastically disrupt the cycles of low self-esteem, self-sabotage, choosing wrong relationships, addictions and even physical pain caused by suppressed emotions. Once a participant learns how to tap, they can self-regulate their emotions anywhere and anytime. 


Economically, the goal of the program is to equip each author with their own brand. Street Stories is a hybrid between hiring a publisher and self-publishing which can be extremely costly. Unlike publishing deals, instead of an author receiving 12% or less of the proceeds from their book sales, they receive 100% minus Amazon printing and shipping costs. And unlike the normal self-publishing process, they have a mentor, certified coach, professional editor, marketing specialist, and their first box of books and merchandise are FREE! After their first free vending experience at Art Crush in downtown Winston-Salem NC, they have full access to their author accounts on Amazon and can always increase their income by selling their books locally, nationally, and globally. 


Thank you Gilead COMPASS Faith Coordinating Center School of Divinity 

Wake Forest University for accepting me into the LIT Cohort to help bring about this life-changing project!!!!! And thank you Pastor Emily and Deacon Brittany for supporting this wild adventure to producing well-deserved published authors!!!! 


- Tamika Wells published author and Program Director

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