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Who We Are.
What We Believe.
How We Do It.

Purpose: Lifting up where God and God’s people meet


Mission: The Dwelling is dedicated to building a faith community that honors the inherent dignity of all people while clinging to the resurrection among us. As a faith community, we celebrate and empower each member to contribute their unique gifts and stories to build God's kingdom. Embracing diversity, we work towards reconciled relationships within ourselves, with neighbors, the world, and God.


Theological Statements:

Trauma doesn’t equal shame

Hunger doesn’t equal emptiness

Housing doesn’t equal worthiness

Sobriety doesn’t equal salvation

Wealth doesn’t equal belovedness


Core Values:

  • Dignity: We cultivate spaces that recognize the inherent dignity and belovedness of all people.

  • Witness: We gather as a community of faith to celebrate the resurrection among us.

  • Leadership: We empower every member of our community to use their gifts and stories to build God’s kindom.

  • Diversity: We embrace all people and their unique gifts, perspectives, and experiences.

  • Justice: We work to bring about reconciled relationship- with ourselves, with our neighbors, with the world, and with God.


Guiding Principles:

  • Because the sacraments are one way we have an intimate relationship with God, we will commit to the ongoing practice of gathered worship together. 

  • Because trust is so important to our community, we will create a culture of transparency and vulnerability in our relationships and shared spaces, including staff, leadership, and community spaces.

  • Because we have received unconditional and unlimited grace from God, we will extend grace and forgiveness to one another, while setting healthy boundaries as needed.

  • Because we know we cannot do this alone, we will collaborate and build community with individuals, partners, and organizations that complement our core values and theological statements.

  • Because the gospel calls us to radical justice, we will engage the world through a lens of equity using service, education, and advocacy as our vehicle for change in the world, our community, and ourselves.

  • Because we know that knowing and naming our limits leads to health and wellness, we will encourage setting healthy boundaries for ourselves, with our community, with partners, and in shared physical spaces.


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