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Sunday Mornings


520 N. Spring Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Sunday is the most inaccessible day for the homeless community in Winston-Salem. The public buses don’t run until mid-afternoon, and even then on limited routes; the public library has a late opening and early closing; the weekday soup kitchens are closed; day shelters are limited.


Working to recast the narrative of welcome on Sunday mornings for the homeless population in Winston-Salem, The Dwelling meets each Sunday around God's holy table to feed people both physically and spiritually. Knowing the holiness of food, we gather for fellowship beginning at 10:00am with with a light breakfast being donated/provided/served/made by partner churches, friends, and organizations.


Whether a traditional gospel hymn, contemporary favorite, spoken word poetry, or even extended silence, our worship reflects the diversity of the people gathered. We believe that all in our community are leaders of this gathering and their voices add to who we are as a community of faith. We sing together. We pray together. We hear God's word proclaimed together. And we gather at God's table together. 


The point being- our worship together at The Dwelling is daily bread reaching real places of hunger.

want to support this ministry?


each week as our community

gathers for worship, we first

gather for fellowship time which

includes a light breakfast.

volunteers would provide 

and serve this breakfast to our

neighbors as a way of

extending hospitality and love

to our community. 

to provide breakfast, email


the Dwelling is grateful for the 

generous gift of space that

is provided by our partner

City with Dwellings.

part of our responsibility of

building this church is being

good stewards of the physical

space. volunteers will help with

the set-up and clean-up from our time together.

to help us be good partners, email



the Dwelling believes that

everyone has talents and gifts

that can and should be 

used to tell the world just how 

good God is. 

are you an artist?




master coffee brewer? 

There is a place for your gifts here.